Forex Podcasts In 2023 You Need To Know As A Trader  

Forex Podcasts In 2023 You Need To Know As A Trader  

As a serious and dedicated trader, have you ever considered the top forex podcasts in 2023 that you could follow? What are the recommendations that top-night Forex professionals recommend to everyone?

First of all, today, when technology has advanced rapidly, and everyone can record various shows and podcasts, it is extremely important that you know which Forex podcasts stand out for their quality and in which you can learn a lot of useful things.

For that particular reason, we have prepared a useful list of the best and highest quality Forex podcasts that every trader should follow, or at least some of them. Not only will it help you in your trading career, but it will also provide you with the latest information from the volatile Forex market.

Well, let’s see the best Forex podcasts that contain some of the most significant Forex trading tips, shall we?

#1 Forex Beginner Podcast

If you have just stepped into the world of Forex trading, you should be interested in Forex for beginners and Forex education right from the start. Detailed information, step by step, would be most important to you in that case.

Forex Beginner Podcast has everything you need to make a decent start in this volatile and dynamic market and business that might be the best place to start generating profits. The Forex Beginner Podcast is ranked number one on Spotify and Apple podcasts for beginner traders.

It has a lot of positive reviews, especially by legitimate platforms like Apple, for example. This podcast is about documenting the hosts’ journey to six figures as a total beginner in the Forex industry. 

He invites everyone who has just stepped into the world of this industry to join him on that journey, learn a lot and become completely financially independent.

#2 A Real Forex Journey 

A Real Forex Journey is among the best Forex podcasts any motivated trader should consider. It shows the reality of how one may become a consistently profitable and successful Forex trader. 

Lach Velikov is the host of this podcast who’s sharing his vast knowledge and experience from his everyday trading life, where listeners can learn a lot about challenges in the Forex market from his point of view. 

In this podcast, you can learn a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of dealing in this industry and understand how to deal with various difficulties in foreign exchange. In addition, you can find out how to improve your Forex trading career and skills. 

#3 The Trading Coach Podcast

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The trading coach podcast is one of the most successful podcasts where listeners can get all the valuable Forex trading tips. It’s an entertaining mix of inspirational stories from top-notch Forex professionals and their insights. 

You may learn a lot about different trading aspects, personal development, investing in certain currencies, and entrepreneurship in general. Akil Stokes, a globally respected and experienced Forex trader, invites every ambitious trader to join this amusing Forex podcast and get to know all the industry’s novelties from his entertaining episodes.

#4 The Simple Trading Podcast

Suppose you’re heavily into forex trading, trends, technical analysis chart patterns, and similar stuff. In that case, check the Simple Trading Podcast that assists every trader to become an improved and better-skilled trader and increase his profits. 

He shows how an individual can generally simplify things, getting simpler ideas and approaches. The host of the Simple Trading Podcast discusses the pros and cons of the market and gives his best to return to all the simplicity of Forex trading and get the opportunity to improve his success with that simple approach. 

#5 Trading Nut 

This New Zealandish podcast has existed since 2015. The host discusses Forex, Crypto, Stock, and Futures traders in this particular Trading Nut podcast to explore the winning formula for them to improve their results. 

It focuses on interviews with these winning traders and gathers all the essential knowledge, getting all the valuable Forex trading tips and information. All those enthusiasts who are eager to learn from an experienced, full-time trader should give the Trading Nut podcast a try. 

#6 IG Trading the Markets

If you have yet to hear or listen to at least one episode, then it’s high time you pay attention to the IG Trading the Markets podcast. Every ambitious and motivated Forex trader can learn much in this podcast from top-notch industry experts who will share your knowledge, expertise, and other insights.

This podcast covers everything from Forex to stock trading, assisting listeners in acquiring all the necessary information and knowledge from the financial markets. The IG Trading Markets are considered one of the best Forex podcasts and top-notch CFD providers, i.e., financial spread betting, and the biggest providers in the United Kingdom. 

#7 FX Talk | An Ebury Podcast

Another great example of the best Forex Podcasts is the FX Talk, an Ebury Podcast that covers a lot of topics regarding news in the Forex market and what is happening in the world regarding the dollar, yuan, and other interesting currencies. 

However, all these fluctuations aren’t by accident, so in the FX Talk, you can learn about all the reasons for major and minor currency fluctuations. Besides being the main Forex market podcast in the global scale, FX Talk includes three top-notch analysts of the Foreign exchange market who are hosts and famous for the Bloomberg forecast.

These guys are debating about what effect the macroeconomic news has on the world’s financial market. In addition to that discussion, listeners of this podcast will get all the valuable insights that will assist them in providing more informed and better decisions. 

#8 Desired to Trade Podcast

Do you know what interesting stories and news are happening behind the podcast with a very interesting name, “The Desire to Trade Podcast”? First of all, the mastermind behind this one aims to assist all the motivated traders eager to develop their Forex trading skills that will enable them to gain more financial freedom. 

The host of this podcast is Etienne Crete, who is interviewing professional and successful Forex traders from every corner of the world. These interviews’ main focus is to give listeners enough valuable information and Forex education lessons that will help them improve their trading experience and skills. 

There is no better way to achieve all that than listening to success stories from experienced Forex trading professionals that are more than eager to share their stories in the “Desired to Trade Podcast.” This one is definitely worth a try!

#9 Forex Patio 

Forex Patio is another interesting podcast about foreign currency exchange that documents the host’s journey to financial independence and doing what he loves the most – Forex trading. 

Raymond Jefferies is the guy who selflessly shares his valuable knowledge and experience via advice in this podcast. 

His main goal is also to encourage ambitious traders to pursue their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs in this field, focusing on the issues along the way to success. All those who also want to delve deeper into the many interesting stories of experienced Forex traders can do so by listening to Forex Patio. 

#10 Margin Call Podcast

Margin Call represents another legitimate and useful UK podcast about this volatile industry which was created with a similar goal as many others in its industry – to help traders get the most out of themselves, learn something new, keep up with the latest news, and improve their results in the Forex market—all this, of course, from real stories and experiences of professionals.

Originally from Victoria, Australia, the Margin Call podcast by Jordan Michaelides and Neuralle team discusses the pros and cons of the entire Forex trading and CFD business. It provides exclusive information and access to all those ups and downs by interviewing professionals in the industry who are also responsible for providing insights about the industry. 

#11 The Forex Warrior Podcast

Another fantastic podcast about the foreign exchange market is the Forex Warrior Podcast, which has become very popular with many Forex fanatics who want to get all the relevant info about this dynamic industry.

It is considered one of the best Forex podcasts because it’s considered one of the most reliable sources of information about Forex education and trading. Listeners of the Forex Warrior Podcast are able to learn a lot from top-notch trading strategies, quality interviews of professional trades, and much more interesting stuff about the industry. 

#12 Forex Fire Members

If you are a big fan of UK podcasts, especially in Forex trading, we present the Forex Fire Members to you. It’s undoubtedly one of the best Forex podcasts for beginners and professionals looking for additional information that may help them achieve better results in the Forex market. 

John Dochertyl is the host of the Forex Fire Members podcast, with more than four years of experience in the industry. He shares with his listeners the numerous ups and downs he’d been through all these trading years, inviting like-minded individuals to join his free-of-charge resource community. 

John shares numerous quality information and news in this podcast, providing his listeners with another great resource to learn from! 


What are the best forex podcasts in 2023?

The Best Forex podcasts in 2023 are the following ones:

Forex Beginner Podcast
A Real Forex Journey
The Trading Coach Podcast
The Simple Trading Podcast
Trading Nut
IG Trading the Markets
FX Talk; An Ebury Podcast
Desired to Trade Podcast
Forex Patio
Margin Call podcast
The Forex Warrior podcast
Forex Fire members

What is the best Forex podcast for beginners/ for seasoned traders?

According to the majority of professional Forex traders, the best Forex podcasts for beginners are: 

Forex Beginner Podcast
The Simple trading podcast

On the other side, the best Forex trading podcasts for seasoned traders are:

The Trading Coach podcast
Trading Nut
Forex Fire members
A Real Forex Journey.

How can a Forex podcast help you in your trading career?

Listening to quality forex podcasts recommended by many serious professionals is very beneficial for a number of reasons. First of all, you connect with the community and the latest news from the world of the Forex market, first of all.

Every professional in Forex should be maximally informed about the latest developments in the world related to currency fluctuations, as well as geopolitical developments that affect them.

On the other hand, there are stories of professionals and their careers that can be worth their weight in gold to many ambitious traders around the world. By listening to their career development, he can assist them in making the right decisions, i.e. avoiding risky moves on the foreign exchange market.

What is the key thing to listen to in the Forex podcast?

What is crucial for every Forex trader to pay attention to in every Forex podcast is:

– News about currencies, brokers, and the like that he deals with

– The most important events on the Forex market

– Geopolitical events at the world level

– Golden tips from the best Forex traders in the world.

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