Eldarune is launching its ICO (ELDA)

A new exciting gaming platform Eldarune is launching its ICO (ELDA)

Eldarune is a medieval fantasy game with an interesting plot, great graphics, and immersive gameplay. Those who love adventures and action games will find this one especially motivating. It will engage players’ attention for hours on end.

The gaming industry is evolving rapidly, and with new technologies bringing new opportunities, there is no shortage of interesting gaming platforms. Moreover, blockchain technology enabled developers to offer users totally new products – one that will bring customers as much profit as its owners. Many people believe that this new Defi gaming, now moved on web3 from web2, will be the industry’s future.

However, new technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are still relatively new to the market. So, game creators have to overcome many obstacles before they achieve their goals. Trial and error is the constant in this rapidly changing world, where developers compete to be the first to offer something new and exciting to their customers.

Moreover, AI is a big part of this new gaming. In fact, this technology revolutionized the industry, enabling developers to create immersive, more personalized, and engaging experiences for gamers. That’s why the Eldarune team decided to use this technology for its platform. It aims to offer the best product and attract as many players as possible.

Eldarune is an RPG game that comes with four different modes. Its players will participate in various adventures, fighting with adversaries to gain various treasures. The team incorporated a special AI system that will assist users in battles. It will also help players optimize their gameplay and make various strategic decisions. In addition, AI will introduce the participant’s tactics to overcome the game obstacles and anticipate their enemies’ behaviors. Overall, this technology will provide unique, challenging, exciting gameplay.

What about the platform’s other features? 

Gamers can chat with AI-empowered NPCs. They will be able to send them on special missions. Eldarune will give them a unique chance to create their own stories with Artificial Intelligence. The platform comes with an AI-powered PvE mode. The latter also contributes to a unique and challenging player experience.

Eldarune used AI technology impressively, but that isn’t the only thing that makes this platform stand out among the others. The team stated that its AI integration would enable the platform to use interactive NPCs. As a result, it will provide a personalized experience, allowing gamers to befriend AI. Thanks to such features, players can better train their AI champions. Moreover, they will have an opportunity to fight with their rivals’ trained AI.

Eldarune isn’t only the gaming platform, though. It also offers other opportunities, such as generating additional income. To that end, users can sell their trained AI on the platform’s marketplace. Each AI will become a non-fungible token, and it will have the potential to bring profit to its owner.

When will the Eldarune ICO sale start? 

The team created ELDA as the native utility token of the platform. It will give its holders various advantages on the platform. The Eldarune plans to launch its ICO sale on April 30, 2023. It will end on May 24, 2023. ELDA is an BEP-20 token. The price will be 0.015 USD during the ICO. The total supply of tokens is 600,000,000, but only 26,5% will be available for purchase at this stage. The company aims to raise 30,000,000 with the sale, and it will accept USDT in exchange for ELDA.

The platform will have Campaign Mode, Dungeon Mode, Clan Boss Mode, and PvP Arena Mode. Each mode will offer different experiences so users can find the one that suits their mood. The game uses an interesting plot to better engage players.

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