Real Problems in Real Estate

The correction in stock prices may be gathering steam, and the potential for a full-blown liquidity crisis seems to be rising. The

Let The Charts Do The Talking

We are provided constant reminders that important company information is reflected in the absolute and relative performance of the company's stock price.

Nothing Good Happens Below the 200-Day

One of my early mentors often remarked, "Nothing good happens below the 200-day."This was his way of recognizing that, while stocks can

Target Hit on SPY Pullback

This week, the SPY pulled backed to the Daily 50-SMA, which was the target TG was looking for. Now it seems price

Hammer And Nails: Homebuilders

It's always better to be optimistic than pessimistic. It's always better to be swinging the hammer, rather than being the nail. When

Sugar Prices Soar — What Could It Mean?

What if sugar futures are really onto something? What if they are relaying food shortages? More social disruption? The Start of Russian hoarding?